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Create async function wrapper that ensure wrapped function is only excecuted once and memorize execution result to pass to subsequence invocation


Pass to memonce a function and it will return a wrap around function of that function. Invoke the new function to get desired result (that is only invoke once, cache all return/throw/async result/async error of that single call, emit events as necessary).

var memonce = require("memonce");

function asyncThings(cb) {
    cb(null, "Async result passing: " + Math.random());

var fn = memonce(asyncThings);

fn(function(err, result) {
});//The only one tine the real function is invoked

fn(function(err, result) {
});//Only pass result from cached first time invocation of real function, not invoking it.

More example at the test/ folder.

invoke: at the first invocation of the function.

reinvoke: at any subsequence invocation.

return: after the real function return, but before the wrapper function return.

throw: after the real function throw, but before the wrapper function throw.

callback: after the real function's callback get called, but before the wrapper function's callback get called.

success: after "callback" event and only if callback function receive no error (the first parameter of callback function have no or null value).

failure: same as "success" event but only if there is an error.