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duplex stream implementation of memcache server protocol. pipe any net connection to add mc support to your node server


memcache server protocol implemented on top of a duplex stream. add memcache protocol support to any node net.Server

as a stream just pipe!

var mc = require('memcache-server-stream');

for a simple server you can just use

var mc = require('memcache-server-stream');
var server = mc.server()
  console.log('ready for connections from memcache clients');

mc = exports function(cache object [optional])

  • duplex stream ready for reading an writing memcache protocol

mc.server(cache object [optional])

  • handy dandy pre-made net server setup to handle all connections object [optional])

  • factory for underlying protocol implementation

  • contructor for underlying protocol implementation

"cache object"

  • defaults to issacs lru-cache module
  • must support sync get/set as functions at this time.