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smarter than your average tiny-templater


It's like a tiny-templater but with a little dash of logic.

var language = require('medium-templater')
var template_string
  , template
  , compile
template_string =
    '<ul>' +
    '{% for item in items %}' +
    '<li>{% if item.okay %}okay{% else %}not okay{% endif %}</li>' +
    '{% endfor %}' +
    '</ul>' +
    '{{ message }}'
compile = language()
template = compile(template_string)
var result = template({
    items: [{okay: true}, {okay: false}]
  , message: 'hello world'
console.log(result) // <ul><li>okay</li><li>not okay</li></ul>hello world 

Though you get if and for for free, you can also provide your own tags (or override the defaults if you don't like how they work!) like so:

var language = require('medium-templater')
  , reverse = require('./lib/reverse')
    reverse: reverse
module.exports = reverse
function reverse(parser, tag_options) {
  var contents = ''
  parser.parse({'endreverse': end_reverse})
  return function(context) {
    // context is what is passed to the template, irrelevant in this example. 
    return contents().split('').reverse().join('')
  function end_reverse(tpl) {
    contents = tpl

now you can:

{% reverse %}
!sredner etalpmet eht nehw thgir eb lliw txet siht
{% endreverse %}

Specifying reversed at the end of a for statement (ie for item in items reversed) will parse the items in reverse. Specifying an {% empty %} tag after the {% for ... %} will return that chunk in the event of no items.