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logo MediacenterJS


A NodeJS based media center



Heavy work in progress

What is MediacenterJS?

MediacenterJS is a media center (like for instance XBMC) running completely from the comfort of your browser. The backend is based on Node.JS with ExpressJS and JADE templates. The MVC structure allows developers to add an 'app' or 'plugin' to MCJS with ease. The server application runs on Windows, MAC and Linux systems, the client runs in every modern browser (Chrome is preferable though).

User manual

Installing MediacenterJS

Guidelines media library

Using the remote control


Developer manual

Explanation app framework

Start building an app using the app generator

Helper functions

Front end and view explantation

Create a new theme

Current features:

  • Routing
  • MVC 'App' Framework
  • Clientside setup
  • Dynamic dashboard
  • Keyboard controls
  • Movie indexing
  • Multi-language support
  • Display movies, tvshow and music information
  • Local caching of information and images
  • Transcoding and playback of movies, tv shows and music
  • Subtitle support
  • Weather information based on location
  • Basic screensaver
  • I3d tag support
  • Remote control
  • Plugin manager
  • Page visibility API
  • YouTube app
  • Version manager
  • Device manager
  • Parental control functionality
  • Basic scheduled tasks

Supported file formats:


Audio: MP3/M4a

Known issues:

  • Device streaming still in heavy development
  • Seeking beyond buffer not working yet.

Be sure to check the open issues before filing a new one. If you filing a new issue, be sure to metion your NodeJS version and the platform (eg Windows or Ubuntu, Debian etc) you are running the MCJS server on.

Also check out what is currently being developed and/or fixed on MCJS Trello page:


For now, all the translation files are stored in the /public/translations folder. Feel free to contribute by translating.

Main contributors:

Special thanks to these contributors:###

I'm building MCJS in my free time so if you want to encourage me to continue this enormous project, feel free to do so.


For questions/contributions feel free to email me at: This application uses the GNU General Public License. See

Copyright (C) 2014 - Jan Smolders