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Media Detect

Media-Detect is a tool that listens global window creation/destruction and fires callbacks accordingly. Only works on Windows for now. On Windows the library hooks into shell using RegisterShellHookWindow then listens shell messages and fires javascript callbacks.


Require the module and simply create an object then register the callback you'd like to listen.

var NativeMD = require('media-detect').MediaDetect;
var MediaDetect = new NativeMD();
//Called when a new window created,i.e., you launch a program/explorer
MediaDetect.SetWindowCreateCallback( function(arg) { //Arg will be [WindowName,WindowId]
//Called when a window is activated
MediaDetect.SetWindowActivateCallback( function(arg) { //Arg will be [WindowName,WindowId]
//Called when a window closed/destroyed
MediaDetect.SetWindowCloseCallback( function(arg) { //Arg will be [WindowName,WindowId]
//Called when a window changes monitor
MediaDetect.SetWindowMonitorChangeCallback( function(arg) { //Arg will be [WindowName,WindowId]


Install npm i jasmine-node then run npm test. Then launch some windows/apps and see the output.


npm install media-detect

You'll need

-MSVC for Windows (Visual Studio 2013) -node-gyp -NaN

or just type npm install and NPM will build it for you.