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Adds support for the cluster core API.


Add support for Node's cluster core API. Spawn many processes using only the master to access Medea.

This is an addon for Medea, the all-JavaScript key-value store.

To add support for clusters, just clusterify Medea.

var Medea = require('medea');
var clusterify = require('medea-clusterify');
var MedeaCluster = clusterify(Medea);
var medea = new MedeaCluster();

To start cluster mode, run medea.setupMaster in the master process.

if (cluster.isMaster) {
  // Go about your forking... 

To use Medea from worker processes, it's business as usual. {
  medea.get('favorite_nacho_topping', function(err, val) {
    console.log(val.toString()); // probably 'jalapenos' 

That's it!

Note that if you're doing a new require('medea') in worker processes, you may need to reclusterify.