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meatspackles Bots

Heavily inspired by wearefractal/meatbot and taotetek/meatmonsters.

Submitting a Bot

To submit a bot create a new folder in the /bots directory with:

  • A bot.json file
  • Relevant GIFs


  "trigger": "!metal",    // A regex or string to look for in messages
  "caseSensitive": false, // [Optional] Defaults to false
  "messages": ["METAL!"],         // [Optional] A string or array of strings
  "gifs": ["metalhand.gif", ...], // [Optional] A path or array of paths
  "fingerprint": "metalbot", // A unique identifier for the bot


  • Automated restarts
  • Actual documentation
  • Tests?
  • Generate bot listing (GH-Pages)
  • Meatmonsters emulation (with in band enabling for when they go down)
  • More custom bots