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An efficient text measurement function for the browser.


const measurement = measureText({
  text: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog",
  fontFamily: "Georgia",
  fontSize: "2em",
  lineHeight: 1.3,
  fontWeight: 700,
  fontStyle: "italic"

measureText accepts the following parameter object:

  • text: string|Array<string> the text to measure. Measures multiline text if provided an array.
  • fontFamily: string the font family of the text.
  • fontSize: string the size of the font. All CSS units work here.
  • lineHeight: string|number the line height of the text. measureText assumes the lineHeight to be a unitless CSS value if provided either a number or a string with no unit. Any other string acts as a CSS value.
    • The following units are not supported: "%", "ch", "cm", "em", "ex"
  • fontWeight: string|number the weight of the text. Accepts numeric and textual weights.
  • fontStyle: string the style of the font.
  • canvas: HTMLCanvasElement a canvas instance to use instead of the default global canvas.