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MEANWorks: MongoDB/Mongoose, Express, Angular and Node Workshop with Angular Fullstack Generator


M.E.A.N. Works is a workshop on

  • MongoDB+Mongoose
  • Express.js
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js

with Angular Fullstack Generator.


This workshop comes with lectures. It's recommended to watch lectures (6 videos) before starting the workshop, because they will give you a good general overview of the MEAN stack.

Full MEANWorks playlist:



The easy way:

$ npm install --global meanworks@latest

The hard way (better for development/fixes):

$ git clone
$ cd meanworks
$ npm install
$ npm link

If $ npm link fails, try $ node meanworks.js or $ npm start.


  • $ meanworks or node meanworks.js: launch menu to select the adventure and monitor progress
  • $ meanworks verify: verify solution
  • $ meanworks verify YOUR_FILE_NAME: to verify that you have finished an exercise with a filename
  • $ meanworks help: to get help with the workshop
  • $ meanworks print: to re-display the current exercise
  • $ meanworks solution: to show the solution for the current exercise
  • $ meanworks verify skip to skip it.
  • $ meanworks reset to reset the completed adventures


  1. 01-node-npm
  2. 02-mongodb
  3. 03-installs
  4. 04-folder
  5. 05-seed
  6. 06-endpoints
  7. 07-ui-transactions
  8. 08-ui-accounts
  9. 09-ui-main


If you have completed all or some of the adventures but want to do them again, simply run meanworks reset.



🐛🐛🐛 >>>


  1. Fork this repository
  2. Make changes in a branch off from master
  3. Submit a pull request to azat-co/meanworks (this tool)