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A modularized MEAN Stack generator that will enable your back-end NodeJs application to sit separately from your front-end Angular application


npm install -g mean-gen

Install with -g in order to be able to use the mean-gen command in your console.


Grunt CLI and Bower npm install -g grunt-cli bower


Yeoman for easily creating routes in the angular application (not necessary) npm install -g yo generator-angular


mkdir project_name
cd project_name

Now use one of the options below

mean-gen -p simple - Will generate a simple template for your project.

mean-gen -p user - Will generate a more complex template for your project with a user login system.

This will download clone an existing copy of a skeleton application and install the local dependencies for you. The cloned application will have basic User sign up, login and profile settings along with picture uploads.

More customisation coming soon including a clean project

Run the application

  • Start the MongoDB database


  • Start the node server
cd project_name/server
node index
  • Start grunt
cd project_name/client
grunt serve