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MEAN boilerplate

This is a MEAN stack app boilerplate (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js) based on Express app skeleton.

This micro web application consist on a SPA (single page application) for managing fruits.

Each fruit will have name, description and price attributes.

Users will have username and password.


  • demo username: han_solo
  • demo password: chewbacca


Backend will be implement with MongoDB database, running on

Mongoose will be used as ODM in this project. Only two schemas will be defined, one defining a fruit and the other one definig a basic user profile.


Jade template engine will be used for rendering views. Only one generic layout, one mixins file a an index page will be included.

AngularJS will be used as frontend framework. Each view will have its controller.

Communication with model will be implemented with AJAX instead of a data factory or provider to show of API reusability for mobiles apps, etc.


  • body-parser ~1.13.2
  • cookie-parser ~1.3.5
  • debug ~2.2.0
  • express ~4.13.1
  • jade ~1.11.0
  • morgan ~1.6.1
  • serve-favicon ~2.3.0
  • mongoose ~4.3.0
  • i18next 1.10.3


DB connection string is hardcoded. I know it should be set as an ENV var, but it´s hardcoded due to simplicity matters for the demo.


Run npm test to execute tests. Included tests:

  • User unit tests
  • User integration tests
  • Fruit unit tests
  • Fruit integration tests


  • Store user password hash instead of the actual password in plain text
  • Responsive design
  • Retina graphics (@2x)
  • Upgrade i18next (deprecated)