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Meadow Endpoints

Automagic REST endpoints for basic CRUD operations on the Retold framework.

This library generates REST endpoints in a consistent manner. Endpoints have the following features:

  • Authentication
  • Resource Authorization
  • CRUD Operations
  • Dynamic Filtering
  • Schema Validation

The design philosophy is not to cover every possible use case, but to cover the 99% via configuration. The last 1% is easily hand-craftable.

To best use this library, it should be in conjunction with stricture and orator.

Docker Development Environment

  1. Run this command to build this image:
npm run docker-dev-build-image
  1. Run this command to create and run the local container:
npm run docker-dev-run
  1. Go to http://localhost:12343/ in a web browser

  2. The password is "retold"

  3. Right now you (may) need to delete the node_modules folders and regenerate it for Linux, depending on your OS.

Pattern Description to Expand

const libMeadowEndpointsControllerBase = require('meadow-endpoints').ControllerBase;

class MySpecialLogController inherits libMeadowEndpointsControllerBase.LogControllerBase
	constructor(pMeadowEndpoints, pOptions)
		super(pMeadowEndpoints, pOptions);

	// Overload info to do something special
	info(pLogText, ...pLogObjects)
		super(pLogText, ...pLogObjects);
		console.log('### THIS CONTROLLER DO MAGIC STUFF WITH'+pLogText);

class MyMeadowEndpointsController
	constructor(pMeadowEndpoints, pOptions)
		super(pMeadowEndpoints, pOptions);

		this._LogController = new mySpecialLogController(pMeadowEndpoints, pOptions);

		this.initializeDefaultUnsetControllers(pMeadowEndpoints, pControllerOptions);

module.exports = MyMeadowEndpointsController;
let libMySpecialController = require('TheCodeAbove.js');

let tmpMeadow = new Meadow('INITIALIZE THE DAL');

let tmpMeadowEndpoints = new MeadowEndpoints(tmpMeadow, { Controller: libMySpecialController });



npm i meadow-endpoints

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