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Builder of Bits aka The MDN Web Docs interactive examples, example builder

Source Folder Structure

-editor # All files related to the interactive examples editor
|--> css
|--> js
|--> media # media used only by the editor
|--> tmpl
-live-examples # All example related files and media
|--> css-examples
|--> fonts # fonts used by the editor and examples
|--> html-examples
|--> js-examples
|--> media # media used only by the examples

Generated Folder Structure

|--> css # All editor related CSS
|--> js # All editor related JS
|--> live-examples # All custom CSS and JS for the examples
|--> media # All media and fonts for the examples
|--> pages # All generated interactive example pages
|----> css # All CSS examples
|----> js # All JS examples
|----> tabbed # All examples using the tabbed UI

Using Commitizen CLI

This project uses Commitizen to ensure all pull requests follow the same format, and to ensure predictable releases with semantic-release.

To use this flow, add files as you normally would with git add ., and when you are ready to commit, simply type git commit and follow the prompts. You can read more on the Conventional Changelog format on its repository.

Testing Bob locally inside Interactive Examples

Bob is used to build the interactive-example pages and is installed as a dependency inside the interactive-examples repo. When working on changes to Bob, there is often a need to test the changes by running Bob inside the interactive-examples repo locally. To do this, use the following command:

npx install-local ~/path/to/repo/bob && node node_modules/.bin/mdn-bob


npm i mdn-bob

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