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    mdk - Mattermost Developer Kit (experimental)

    mdk is a tool for generating and managing templates for Mattermost integrations and plugins in Go and JavaScript.

    The tool is still experimental and subject to changes.


    npm install -g mdk


    mdk init --help


    1. Generate a template for a web/desktop app plugin in the current directory:
    mdk init plugin
    1. Switch into the plugin directory and code your plugin:
    cd your-plugin

    See the template explanation for more information

    1. Once the plugin is ready, build it:
    make build


    1. Generate an integration in the current directory:
    mdk init integration
    1. Switch into the integration directory and code your integration:
    cd your-integration

    See the template explanation for more information

    1. To test your integration, run it:
    make run
    1. Once done, build distributables for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows:
    make dist

    This command will write a distributable of your plugin to dist/your-plugin.tar.gz. You can then take this and upload it to your Mattermost server.

    Current Features

    • Generate template for web and desktop app plugins.
    • Generate template for REST API integrations.

    Planned Features

    • Advanced features for the webapp plugin template (Redux store, etc.)
    • Generate templates for server plugins.
    • Generate templates for webhook and slash command integrations, including bot integrations, in both JavaScript and Go.
    • Generate templates for OAuth2 integrations in both JavaScript and Go.
    • Manage generated integrations and plugins, such as adding features to an existing plugin.


    Explanations of each of the different templates can be found in their respective READMEs:


    npm i mdk

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