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Markdown Documentation Server (mdds)

Fast web server allowing to browse, search and edit project documentation written in Markdown.



  • No configuration needed
  • Github-like presentation
  • GFM (Github Flavoured Markdown)
  • Automatic indexation and search
  • Navigation index generation using Markdown extension [[index]]
  • In-browser editor


npm install -g mdds
mdds -o

Your browser will open http://localhost:4040 and display your project documentation.

Command-line options

Usage: mdds [root dir] [options]
  -p, --port  Port number to listen on       [default: 4040]
  -h, --host  Host address to bind to        [default: "localhost"]
  -o, --open  Open default browser on start
  --help      Show this help

If no root dir is specified, ./ will be used.


Home page

The server will automatically search for a file named, or on the specified documentation root and will use it as your home page.

Navigation index

If you insert the text [[index]] in any of your markdown files, it will be replaced by the full navigation index of the markdown files found under the specified root dir. File and folder names will be automatically humanized for better readability.

It is particularly useful on home page to provide an overview of the available documentation for your project.