node package manager


use mdbtools from node to convert MS Access databases (.mdb and .accdb) to CSV


npm install mdb

use the mdbtools CLI tool (written in C) from node to convert MS Access databases to CSV

these aren't native bindings, they just talk to stdin/stdout/stderr of mdbtools (specifically mdb-tables and mdb-export)

install as of this writing I could only get it to compile on Ubuntu and not OS X

also as of this writing mdbtools supports .mdb and .accdb files up through Access 2010

var fruit = mdb('fruit.mdb')

fruit.tables(function(err, tables) {
  tables.forEach(function(table) {
    fruit.toCSV(table, function(err, csv) {
      console.log(err, table, csv.split('\n').length - 1 + " lines")