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Base64 MD5 of strings and JSON, where JSON attributes are sorted before comparison for consistent results

Install 🔨

npm install md564

Usage 💡

md564 = new require('md564')
console.log(MD564('hello'))        // 1TGK0fk4hfTgamcP4G5xMI 
obj1  = {bar: 'grill', foo: 'man'}
obj2  = {foo: 'man', bar: 'grill'}
console.log(MD564(obj1, true))    // 3MEEOkTwl6NBNuzrYVpHeX 
console.log(MD564(obj2))          // 0_8LeiEkKgp~Kwo5qV15E1 
console.log(MD564(obj2, true))    // 3MEEOkTwl6NBNuzrYVpHeX 

If param2 is true then the object attributes will be sorted prior to being made into a string and obtaining the MD5 value.

Contributions 💪

😄 Feedback, problem reports, enhancement requests are welcome.

🆙 Example code are better.

🆒 Pull requests are best.