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McLean - Ship Containers. [status: vaporware]


npm install mclean


mclean destination add production ec2 # Add a deployment environment 
mclean ship 717d8a7d5593 production # Ship container 717d8a7d5593 to production 
# Or 
mclean ship ./mycode staging # Upload mycode, build container from Dockerfile, deploy 

mclean destination

mclean ship

The Ship command is used to deploy containers to a destination environment. It can either take a container id from a container on the local machine, or a path to a directory in which a Dockerfile specifies how to build a container with that code.

Hosting providers


McLean supports a local Vagrant environment for development.

Strider Integration

McLean integrates seamlessly with StriderCD - for bit-for-bit deployment of tested code, use the strider-mclean plugin to deploy your containers. (VAPORWARE!)


McLean is written with a polyglut of technologies. Node.js is the glue that ties together fabric, docker, puppet, go, shell scripts, vagrant, and a whole lot more. DevOps is messy business.

Why "McLean"

Shipping Containers were invented in 1956 by Malcolm McLean. McLean ships containers.

See wikipedia or read The Box for more on the fascinating history of shipping containers.