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Web application framework for Node.js


Is the order a better framework?

Web application framework for Node.js

  • Developer's Try-Catch-Try iteration assistance.
    maya.js supporting Save on Reload for static assets and Controller, View, Model.

  • DRY for code
    Build system builtin, maya.js uses Fly, Webpack, Stylus as it default.
    And setting up to be able to require View, Logic from Browser-side javascript,

  • Realtime Web
    maya.js build in supports for

  • MVC + Logic (Experimental researchinhg)
    maya.js is made as a basic MVC framework.
    But maya.js is separates Logic from Model.
    It's thought to be able to use Logic in Browser, and it may removes db connections from tests and makes those tests to be more simpler.


npm install -g maya
cd path/to/your/project
maya init
maya cqc


maya.js licensed under MIT License.