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Maximize - Deobfuscate and beautify JavaScript code with source maps

Maximize will deobfuscate and beautify minified code using source maps. Source maps map compiled code back to the original code, including mangled to original function and variable names. JS Beautifier is used under the hood for beautifying.

This program will fail if source maps are not provided and available. Use JS Beautifier directly for beautifying code without transforming variable and function names.

As an example, see the minified script and the generated maximized script from


npm install -g maximize


usage: maximize.js [-h] [-b BEAUTIFY_OPTS] url
Deobfuscate and beautify JavaScript code with source maps
Positional arguments:
  url                   URL of javascript to maximize
Optional arguments:
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit.
  -b BEAUTIFY_OPTS, --beautify-opts BEAUTIFY_OPTS
                        JS Beautifier options in JSON format