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Make a Website (maw)

npm install maw

npm version

Make a static HTML page with some CSS, JS, and assets. Contains just the tools you need to write modern code and avoid repeating yourself. A gulpfile and webpack config in a box. It's written for internal needs, but I'd be happy to accept improvements if you find it useful too.

If you want to make a serious website with lots of pages, or you need a lot of customization or features, this is probably not going to work for you. You'll be much better served by something like Gatsby or Hexo.

This tool is 100% convention over configuration. Check out a site built with it here.

Using the tool

maw dev in the root of the project watches the /src directory, and puts the output in /build whenever files change.

maw build builds the site and puts the output in /build.

You probably want to npm install --save-dev maw and then add the above commands to a package.json, like in this site.


All of these are nested inside /src in the root of your project.


This is for static files, which are copied directly into the output. That includes images, fonts, and pre-bundled libraries you want to use.

/index.less and /less

index.less is compiled into index.css. The /less directory is watched for LESS imports, so basically put everything except index.less in there.

/index.html and /templates

index.html is compiled into index.html and any handlebars code is evaluated against the files in /templates. The name of the template is the filename without the extension, for example nav.html can be included with {{> nav}}.

Multiple index.html files

You can nest multiple index.html files, for example /about/index.html, to give your website multiple pages.


data.js should export any data you want to use in your handlebars templates, like so:

module.exports = {
  hello: 'world',

And then you can use it with:

  Hello, {{hello}}!


index.js is a JavaScript entry point module that will be compiled with Webpack. Currently, no loaders are enabled.


  • Minification
  • Make it possible to set root directory to either the root of the repo or something other than /src




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