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npm install mauerwerk



Simplified Demo:

How to use

import { Grid } from 'mauerwerk'
  // Arbitrary datashould contain keyspossibly heightsetc.
  // Key accessorinstructs grid on how to fetch individual keys from the data set
  keys={d => d.key}
  // Can be a fixed value or an individual data accessor (for variable heights)
  // If you leave it undefined it will assume 100container height
  heights={d => d.height}
  // Optional: number of columns (make it responsive yourself using react-measure/react-media)
  // Optional: space between elements
  // Optional: removes the possibility to scroll away from a maximized element
  // Optional: delay before minimizing an opened element
  // Optional: animates the grid in if true (default)
  {(data, open, toggle) => (
      {open && <div>Opened/maximized content here</div>}
      <button onClick={toggle}>{open ? 'Close' : 'Open'}</button>

You feed mauerwerk any data-set (an array of objects most likely), give it accessors so it can access keys (which can be names, hashes, etc., the same keys you'd normally hand over to React), and either a fixed cell height or individual heights. You render out each individual cell via render-prop. You'll receive three arguments:

  1. data, the item from your data-set
  2. open, the cells state, depending on whether it is true or false you can display varying content or use further animation prototypes to transition from cell-state to maximized-state
  3. toggle, use this to maximize/minimize your cell


You probably don't want flip between open/closed content using static conditions. mauerwerk comes with two simple to use effects:

  • Fade will fade contents in according to the show property. It's a simgple wrapper around react-spring's Transition, you can feed it the same properties (config, from, enter, leave, update). By default it will just move opacity from 0 -> 1.
  • Slug lets elements "crawl" in. It's a wrapper around react-spring's Trail. By default it will move opacity from 0 -> 1 and translate y from 40px -> 0px.

These two would work outside the Grids context if you wanted to use them elsewhere.

import { Grid, Slug, Fade } from 'mauerwerk'
<Grid {...props}>
  {(data, open, toggle) => (
      <Fade show={open}>
          <h1>Opened content</h1>
          <span>Some text</span>
          <button onClick={toggle}>Close</button>
      <Fade show={!open}>
          <h1>Cell content</h1>
          <span>Some text</span>
          <button onClick={toggle}>Open</button>
      <div>Content that would apply to both open and closed state</div>

mauerwerk depends on react-spring and react-measure.

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