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Allows you to do inject dependencies in (i.e. pass variables to) a required Node.js module.


var requireWith = require('mattisg.requirewith');
var mod = requireWith('./mymodule', {
	config: config,
	client: someVar

Then, the config and client variables will be available in mymodule.

Redefining require

You can even redefine require for a one-line replacement:

require = require('mattisg.requirewith');

This module calls require directly if no argument other than the module name is given, so it is perfectly safe to redefine require. Actually, unless you specify so explicitly, this will automatically be done recursively for modules required with injections.

To disable recursive redefinitions, pass false as the third argument. To summarize:

require = require('mattisg.requirewith');

var path = require('path');	// exactly the same as no redefinition

var mymod = require('./mymodule', {	// config can be used in mymodule, and mymodule does not need to redefine require to get injection capabilities
	config: config

var norec = requireWith('./mymodule', {	// config can be used in mymodule, but it gets only the default require
	config: config
}, false);


npm install mattisg.requirewith