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An application for Mattermost for OS X, Windows, and Linux, powered by Electron.

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First, clone down this project, and then from within that directory in your favorite terminal run:

>  npm install
// installs packages....
> npm link
// creates a local symlink

You're now ready to start developing against your local mattermost installation. Make sure you have your config.json setup as noted in the steps below.

Connecting to your team

For now, Matterfront is limited to one team connection. The url for your team is pulled from a json file in your home directory.

Create a text file at ~/.matterfront/state.json. (Where ~ is your home directory). Make it look like this:

  "teams": [{
    "url": ""

You should be able to provide your credentials when Matterfront starts up.

Support for adding multiple teams through the UI is coming soon.


This project contains a Vagrant environment, consisting of a locally hostable mattermost instance you can use for testing. Alternatively, you can use your own production mattermost server.

Use your production Mattermost instance

After following the configuration steps above, run npm start from within your matterfront directory

Vagrant method

  1. Set up your config.json using "url":""
  2. run vagrant up from within your local copy of this repo
  3. run npm start

Building your own app

First follow the install instructions above. Then from within your project root, you can build for all platforms and distributions by running:

npm run build

This will output the following distributions into the /dist directory:

 |- matterfront-darwin-x64/
 |- matterfront-linux-ia32/
 |- matterfront-linux-x64/
 |- matterfront-win32-ia32/
 |- matterfront-win32-x64/

Each directory contains an executable for the platform listed. For more detailed build options, check out how to modify your build from within package.json by using the options from electron-packager to modify your built artifacts.

If you are on Linux or OS X, you need Wine for Windows builds.

Name and affiliation

Matterfront is a Mattermost frontend application. This application is in no way affiliated with nor endorsed by Mattermost. See Mattermost branding guidelines.


npm i matterfront

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