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Matrix Files SDK

Provides a file system like abstraction around MSC3089 tree & branch spaces over Matrix.

Targets LTS versions of Node.js (currently >=12) and browsers.


npm install matrix-files-sdk

or for yarn:

yarn add matrix-files-sdk

You must install matrix-js-sdk in your project as well.


For a more complete example of the SDK in use see vector-im/files-sdk-demo.

Class Diagram


The SDK acts as a wrapper around matrix-js-sdk so you need to create an instance of MatrixClient first.

The main entry point is via the MatrixFiles class:

import { createClient } from 'matrix-js-sdk';
import { MatrixFiles } from 'matrix-files-sdk';

const client = createClient({});

const files = new MatrixFiles(client);

// do initial sync of required state:
await files.sync();

Navigating the hierarchy

You can use the IFolder.getChildren() function to discovery entries in the hierarchy:

import { IEntry } from 'matrix-files-sdk';


const entries: IEntry[] = await folder.getChildren();

for (const e: entries) {
  console.log(`${} => ${e.isFolder ? 'folder' : 'file' }`);

Entries are identified by an ID ( of type MatrixFilesID) which are standard Matrix room and event IDs.

The ID can be used on an IFolder with getChildById() and getDescendantById().

Furthermore the MatrixFiles.resolvePath() function can be used to resolve an entry by name from the root of the hierarchy:

const entry = await files.resolvePath(['My workspace', 'documents', 'file.pdf']);

Common operations on entries

Deleting (redacting) a file:

await anEntry.delete();

Renaming on a folder:

await aFolder.rename('new name');

and a file:

await aFile.rename('new name.pdf');

Moving within the hierarchy:

const file = await files.resolvePath(['old folder', 'file.pdf']);

const newFolderId = await files.addFolder('new folder');
const newFolder = await files.getDescendantById(newFolderId);

await file.moveTo(newFolder, 'file.pdf');

Observing changes

Files, folders and MatrixFiles all implement the EventEmitter pattern:

const file = await files.resolvePath(['old folder', 'file.pdf']);

file.on('modified', () => { console.log('file modified'); });


Logging is available via log4js under the MatrixFilesSDK log category.

For example, to enable trace level logging from the SDK:

import log4js from 'log4js';

  appenders: {
    console: {
      type: 'console',
      layout: { type: 'coloured' },
  categories: {
    default: {
      appenders: ['console'],
      level: 'debug',
    MatrixFilesSDK: {
      appenders: ['console'],
      level: 'trace',



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