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Matrid - A simple deployment tool for web developers.


Matrid is a simlpe deployment tool wich need only a minimal configuration setup. It is intended to be used with small sites and it not requires any configuration files, only pure javascript. It compiles and optional deploy via ftp:

  • Css merge and compress: LESS + Autoprefixer + clean-css
  • Javascript merge and compress: Uglify
  • Javascript syntax check: jsHint

It use Livereoad module to automatically refresh web page during development.


Matrid is a standard Node.js module so you can simply install it using

npm install matrid

inside your project folder.

Basic usage example

var matrid = require('matrid')
var ftpConfig = {
	"host" : "myhost",
	"user" : "username",
	"password" : "password",
	"directory" : "/mypath/"
var ftpDir = '..';
var ftpIgnored = /matrid/;

var jsFiles = [
var jsHintFiles = [
var jsDir = './js'
var jsOut = '../js.js';
var lessDir = './less';
var cssOutput = '../style.css'
var lessMain = 'style.less';
var compressed = true;

//or With filesystem watching
matrid.wLess(lessDir, lessMain, cssOutput, compressed); 
matrid.wConcatJs(jsFiles, jsOut, compressed);
matrid.wFtp(ftpDir, ftpIgnored, ftpConfig);
matrid.livereload('../' , {delay: 500, exclusions: ['matrid/']} );

//or Without filesystem watching 
matrid.less(lessDir, lessMain, cssOutput, compressed); 
matrid.concatJs(jsFiles, jsOut, compressed);


  • less
  • uglify-js
  • chokidar
  • jsftp
  • jshint
  • livereload2
  • autoprefixer
  • clean-css

Testing Dependencies

  • shelljs
  • css-parse

Known Issues

Livereload modules doesn't work in Windows.