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Material ScrollTop Button

Upgrade instructions 1.x → 2.x

Lightweight, Material Design inspired button for scroll-to-top of the page (jQuery plugin).

Just hit the button to smoothly scroll back to the top of the page. Here's the demo.

  • Lightweight
  • Material Design inspired
  • With ripple effect
  • Smoothly animated
  • Customizable
  • With some useful options...
  • jQuery + CSS, (TypeScript + SCSS)

Demo animation

Demo (example)

Watch this:


Via yarn or npm

yarn add material-scrolltop

Manual install (download)

If you want the latest stable version, get the latest release from the releases page and use dist folder.


Include the files as shown in the code snippets below and you're done.

NOTE: The only dependency for this plugin to work is jQuery library (don't forget!)

In your <head> add:

<!-- Material ScrollTop stylesheet -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/material-scrolltop.css" />
<!-- material-scrolltop plugin -->
<script src="dist/material-scrolltop.js"></script>

Then, before your closing </body> tag add:

<!-- material-scrolltop button -->
<button class="material-scrolltop" type="button"></button>
<!-- Initialize material-scrolltop (minimal) -->


Option Type Default Description
revealElement string body Reveal button when scrolling over specific element
revealPosition string top Element position for reveal button ('top' or 'bottom')
padding number 0 Adjusts little ups and downs in scrolling (can be negative number)
duration number 600 Determining how long the animation will run
easing string 'swing' Indicating which easing function to use for the transition animate()
onScrollEnd Function() false A function to call once the animation is complete

Example (advanced usage)

  // Scroll to the top of <body> element ...
  padding: 100, // ... and add padding 100px
  revealElement: 'header', // Reveal button when scrolling over <header> ...
  revealPosition: 'bottom', // ... and do it at the end of </header> element
  duration: 600, // Animation will run 600 ms
  easing: 'swing', // Do it with swing animation
  onScrollEnd: function() {
    // Give me some log when animation ends
    console.log('This is the end, my only friend, the end...');


├── src/
|   ├── icons/
│   |   └── top-arrow.svg
│   ├── material-scrolltop.scss
│   └── material-scrolltop.ts
├── dist/
|   ├── icons/
│   |   └── top-arrow.svg
│   ├── material-scrolltop.css
│   └── material-scrolltop.js
└── demo/
    ├── ...
    └── index.html
    └── examples/

src/ (for development)

TypeScript + SCSS source files

.ts, .scss

which are NOT executable in browser

dist/ (for production)

JavaScript + CSS

executable in browser and compiled from src/ folder with command yarn build

demo/ (example page)

In this folder you can see an example in real use.


Colors, sizes and stuff

Using SASS (this file in 'src' folder), you can simply edit default styles, colors, position and customize plugin to fit your needs. 👍 (Or just edit directly css stylesheet)

Hint: Modify scss file, run yarn build and see the demo.



You can change svg icon in icons/ directory.

Custom text or sign

  1. Turn off svg icon as sass variable: $mst-icon: false
  2. Build your new stylesheet yarn build (now without svg icon)
  3. Put your new sign or text inside html <span> element like this:
<button class="material-scrolltop" type="button">


jQuery 1.7+

Upgrade instructions

Version 1.x → 2.x

Version 2.x.x contains some breaking changes:

  • src/ folder now contains source files .scss + .ts which are NOT executable in browser.
  • dist/ folder contains compiled .css, .js, ... (executable in browser!)

Old versions

Old version is still available:

  • Dev branch: 1.x
  • npm package: yarn add material-scrolltop@1-latest



Copyright © 2015 - 2020 Lukas Bartak

Proudly powered by nature 🗻, wind 💨, tea 🍵 and beer 🍺 ;)

All contents are licensed under the MIT license.


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