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Material AutoRotatingCarousel

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So you wrote a great app and deployed it and everything. But how do you introduce new users to your app? Well, the Material design guidelines have a solution: Displaying the top benefits in a beautiful auto-rotating carousel!

This project implements such a carousel for Material-UI. Visit the styleguide for an interactive demo.



npm i --save material-auto-rotating-carousel
npm i --save react-swipeable-views

Note: This is the version for Material-UI 1.0.0 or later. If you are using Material-UI 1.0.0-beta, you should update to the latest version. If you are still using Material-UI 0.x, you can use our legacy version.

AutoRotatingCarousel Properties

Name Type Default Description
autoplay bool true If false, the auto play behavior is disabled.
ButtonProps object Properties applied to the Button element.
containerStyle object Override the inline-styles of the carousel container.
interval integer 3000 Delay between auto play transitions (in ms).
label string Button text. If not supplied, the button will be hidden.
landscape bool If true, slide will adjust content for wide mobile screens.
mobile bool false If true, the screen width and height is filled.
ModalProps object Properties applied to the Modal element.
open bool false Controls whether the AutoRotatingCarousel is opened or not.
onChange function Fired when the index changed. Returns current index.
onClose function Fired when the gray background of the popup is pressed when it is open.
onStart function Fired when the user clicks the getting started button.

Slide Properties

Name Type Default Description
media* node Object to display in the upper half.
mediaBackgroundStyle object Override the inline-styles of the media container.
style object Override the inline-styles of the slide.
subtitle* string Subtitle for the slide.
title* string Title for the slide.

* required property


The files included in this repository are licensed under the MIT license.

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npm i material-auto-rotating-carousel

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