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Massage Couch

Take a break and let me massage your CouchDB documents.
I am a streaming couch-daemon under the control of your couch.


npm install massage-couch -g

Commandline Client

You can run Massage Couch from the commandline:


The options explained above can be given as commandline parameters (prefixed with --) or environment variables (UPPERCASED).

massage-couch --username bernd --password secure --whitelist projects

Daemon Configuration

Add Massage Couch to the os_daemons config section (eg. in local.ini):

massage-couch = massage-couch

Now CouchDB takes care of the Massage Couch process.

; Optional username and password, used by the workers to access the database 
username = mein-user
password = secure
; Only documents in the databases below are processed (separate with comma). 
; Regular expressions are allowed: 
;whitelist = mydb,otherdb,/^special-.*/ 
; Ignore the following databases (again comma separated list) 
; Regular expressions are again allowed: 
blacklist = /^_/

Massage Definition

Add a massage-couch property to a design document. Massage Couch will process all databases which have a design document with such property.

  "_id": "_design/my-massage-couch-config",
  "_rev": "1-ef6f87ae96babf982648268a7e5c5112",
  "massage-couch": {
    "my-masseur": "function(doc, db, done) { /* do it! */ }"

As you see you can define different masseurs under a massage-couch property. Each masseur will be run, but there is no special order in which they are executed.

A masseur function receives three arguments:

  • doc: the document received from the changes feed (the changes feed runs with include_docs = true)
  • db: a nano adapter, pointing to the db where the doc comes from
  • done: MUST be called after completion (the masseur function is run through event-stream map)


Test your code with npm test.

You can set a different CouchDB url (and authentication credentials) via COUCH environment variable:

COUCH=http://user:password@localhost:5984 npm test


Copyright (c) 2014 Johannes J. Schmidt, null2 GmbH
Licensed under the MIT license.


npm i massage-couch

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