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MongoDB Key/Value Cache

Use MongoDB as a key/value store. This is useful only for those who already use MongoDB and don't want to add another layer to their stack or need to cache MongoDB-specific things like ObjectIDs.

Documents are stored as:

  "_id": "<key>",
  "value": "<value>",
  "expires": "<Date>",
  "created": "<Date>"

Create a new mash instance. Options are:

  • collection - the MongoDB collection to use
  • maxAge - default expiration age

Set the default max age.

Set the MongoDB collection to use. Does not support capped collections.

Set the value. Can optionally override the default maxAge.

Optionally you can chain:

  • .new() - return the doc
  • .w('majority') - a write concern

Retrieve the cached value if one exists. Optionally set a maxAge that overrides the one set by .set().

Optionally you can chain:

  • .readPreference('nearest') - read preference

Evict all documents based on a key, which could also be a MongoDB expression.

Optionally you can chain:

  • .w('majority') - a write concern

Ensure the index on the curret collection. Converts it into a TTL collection.