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masao v0.1.3

npm install masao

masao is a utility package for handling the Canvas Masao params.

masao.format api can handle masao-json-format up to version: draft-4.



Returns the default value for param key.

masao.param.validateParam(params[, options])

Validates a param object params. Returns boolean value.

  • options.version (string; valid version string; default: "kani2") Version of Masao.
  • options.maxLength (number; default: Infinity) Restricts length of a string value.
  • options.allowExtraneous (boolean; default: true) Allows params to have an extraneous field.
  • options.allowNulls (boolean; default: true) Allows some params to be null.


Returns a new object where any field is the same, except the case that its value is the default value.

masao.param.addDefaults(params[, options])

Returns a new object with omitted default params attached.

  • options.version (string; valid version string) Version of masao.
  • options.nomaps (boolean) Do not add map and layer params.
  • options.noresources (boolean) Do not add resource params.

masao.param.sanitize(params[, version])

Returns a new object where extraneous fields are cut off.


Deletes all params that are unused when 'advanced-map' data is used, and return new object.


Load masao-json-format object and returns new object that is upgraded to draft-4.

Throws when it reads invalidly formatted object.


Makes masao-json-format object.


Parses Buffer as a masao-playlog-format object and returns an object in the following form:

  score: 100, //eventual score
  stage: 1   //the last stage that is passed

Throws if the data is invalid.


Extract masao-json-format game object for given HTML string. Requires JavaScript APIs on browsers. Returns Promise.