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This is early and may be buggy. I haven't tested it completely so consider this very alpha!

Martel is a micro framework to help you prototype out your site ideas. Using Martel is as simple as creating a jade template file and then accessing it directly from the browser. Your template will be rendered and delivered back to the browser.

Creating a prototype in Martel means you don't think about URL routing, ORMs or frameworks. You only worry about creating a great frontend experience. The purpose is to hash out quick ideas and concepts before you even focus on the nitty details.


Martel comes with command line tool to help set up your first prototype.

martel create


Martel makes use of what it calls Renderers. These take a file such as a Jade template and returns a suitable content for display in the browser. Below are the current list of available Renderers.


  • Add better support for other template engines
  • Create examples
  • Write up API