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Marlboro is lightweight static blog generator based on NodeJS, brother of SBlog


npm install -g marlboro


  1. First time, you may want to run marlboro to build a new blog environment: --content --deploy --config.json

  2. run cd content, write your post in a file with extname '.mkd' note: posts are archived by folder.

    ### For example

    1. mkdir test

    2. cd test

    3. touch example.mkd

    4. $EDITOR example.mkd

     title: Title
     date: 1970-01-01
     tages: seprate, by, comma
     Content Here
     #Markdown is supported
     (function(){})(); // Source Code Here;
  3. back to working space & build site run marlboro again.

  4. a file named 'about.mkd' under 'content' will be recognized to be a short introduction about you. In other word, it's not a 'post'.

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The BSD License.

Copyright 2013, YuweiBa