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A React component to display raw html markup inside an iframe.

Sometimes you need to display html inside an iframe, but not it's not at a URL. Perhaps you got the markup from an API endpoint or generated it yourself. Maybe the markup is from a different domain and you need to be able to manipulate its DOM without cross-origin errors. For all these reasons, you can use MarkupFrame.


import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import MarkupFrame from 'markup-frame';
function getMarkupFromAPI() {
    return '<h1 class="article-title">Hello World!</h1><p>How are you?</h1>';
const FrameWrapper = React.createClass( {
    onFrameLoad( frameDocument ) {
        frameDocument.querySelector( '.article-title' ).innerHTML = 'MarkupFrame is Great!';
    render() {
        return (
            <MarkupFrame markup={ getMarkupFromAPI() } onLoad={ this.onFrameLoad } />
} );
    <FrameWrapper />,
    document.getElementById( 'example' )

MarkupFrame Example


  • markup: The markup to display in the preview.
  • onClick: (Optional) A function which will be called when any DOM element is clicked. Will be passed the raw event.
  • onLoad: (Optional) A function which will be called when the DOM is loaded. Will be passed a reference to the DOM document object.