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Block-based structured editor for markdown.

It features:

  • Multiple block types (paragraphs, headings, code blocks, images, horizontal lines...)
  • Refactorings by moving blocks around (use Shift+Arrow keys)
  • Natural navigaton between blocks with arrow keys


Install via npm:

% npm install markstruct

It is implemented as a React component:

var React = require('react-core'),
    Markstruct = require('markstruct'),
    parse = require('markstruct/parser');

var doc = parse([
  '# Hello, world!',
  'This is my first markdown document.'

var App = React.createClass({
  render: function() {
    return React.DOM.div({className: "App"}, Markstruct({doc: doc}));

There will be a build soon which allow you to use markstruct standalone or with a library of your choice.


Clone, change directory, install depenendencies and run development server:

% git clone
% cd markstruct
% make install run

On code modifications everything will be rebuilt.