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Markoa consists of the following main parts:

  • app
  • app container
  • server
  • utils

To access each part, simply use the main markoa object as follows:

let markoa = require('markoa');
let app =;
// create new container instance 
let appContainer = markoa.appContainer();
let server = markoa.server
let utils = markoa.utils


It is super simple to setup the Markoa server with some basic settings:

let marko  = require('markoa');
let lassoFile = path.join(__dirname, './lasso-config.json');
let staticDir = path.join(__dirname, '../public');
let app = markoa.server.configure(koa(), {
  port: 4004,
  lasso: {
    file: lassoFile,
  static: {
    dir: staticDir
    debug: true,
    force: true

By default the koa server will use port 4000 if no settings are provided.

Local testing

Run npm link from markoa root folder to link the package.

Then from an app or appContainer that uses markoa, use npm link markoa to link the dependency, which creates a symbolic link in your node_modules pointing to your local markoa package.

Now run npm install from your app ;)