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Prettyprint Marko template files in the syntax and with the options of your choice.


Global install of the command line utility:

npm install marko-prettyprint --global

Local project install:

npm install marko-prettyprint --save


Pretty print a single file from the command line

marko-prettyprint template.marko --syntax html

Pretty print a directory tree from the command line

marko-prettyprint . --syntax html

Pretty print a file in a Node.js app

var prettyPrintFile = require('marko-prettyprint').prettyPrintFile;
var templatePath = require('path').join(__dirname, 'template.marko');
var options = {
    syntax: 'html'
var prettySrc = prettyPrintFile(templatePath, options);


  • eol - The EOL sequence (defaults to require('os').EOL)
  • filename - The path to the template being pretty printed (required unless prettyPrintFile(filename, options) is used)
  • indent - The indent string (defaults to a String with four spaces)
  • noSemi - If set, will format JS without semicolons.
  • singleQuote - If set, will prefer single quotes.
  • maxLen - The max line length (defaults to 80, set to -1 to disable)
  • configFiles - Should search for .marko-prettyprint/.editorconfig files? (defaults to true)
  • syntax - The syntax to use. Can either be "html" or "concise" (defaults to "html")

Configuration files

.marko-prettyprint config file

When pretty printing a Marko template, marko-prettyprint will search up the directory tree looking for a .marko-prettyprint file. This file should be in the JSON format. For example:


    "indent": "\t",
    "syntax": "concise"

.editorconfig file

marko-prettyprint also supports EditorConfig files for configuring maxLen, indent and eol. For example:


root = true

indent_style = space
indent_size = 8
end_of_line = lf


JavaScript API


prettyPrintSource(src, options)

prettyPrintFile(filename, options)

prettyPrintAST(ast, options)

Command Line

To recursively prettyprint all Marko v3 templates in a directory to use the HTML syntax:

marko-prettyprint . --syntax html

To recursively prettyprint all Marko v3 templates in a directory to use the HTML syntax:

marko-prettyprint . --syntax concise

Individual files and directories can also be prettyprinted:

marko-prettyprint src/ foo/
marko-prettyprint template1.marko template2.marko

The maximum line length (defaults to 80) can be also be set:

marko-prettyprint . --syntax html --max-len 120