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A thin wrapper around pandoc to help you convert markdown into web pages.


  1. Node.js (
  2. Pandoc (


$> npm install markitdown -g


Convert markdown to html courtesy of pandoc.
Files will be written with the same name and a .html exension

Usage: markitdown

  --output-path  Output path.                                  
  --head         file to be included in <head>                 
  --header       file to be included just after opening <body> 
  --footer       file to be included just before end of </body>
  --title        prepend <title> tags with this value
  --docTemplate  file to be used instead of default pandoc template
  --version      output version and exit


As basic as it gets. Convert a single file to html. This will output readme.html.

$> markitdown

Convert the markdown files in the ./docs directory to html and put the output in the ./docsweb directory.

$> markitdown ./docs --output-path ./docsweb

Convert a single file to html, but insert html content into the top of the page. Useful for common navigation, headers, logos, etc.

$> markitdown --header ./header.html

Sample output

Wouldn't that be nice! Will add some to the gh-pages branch in the future.