markdown to html bootstrap page converter


Converts a markdown file to a bootstrap-styled web page with a table of contents. It will figure out sections based on the headings used and calculate section numbers.


$ npm install markdown2bootstrap


$ node_modules/.bin/markdown2bootstrap > doc.html
$ cp -a node_modules/markdown2bootstrap/bootstrap ./

Now open doc.html in a web browser. You will notice that section numbers are automatically added along with a floating table of contents bootstrap-style. If you want to turn off section numbering use the -n option:

$ node_modules/.bin/markdown2bootstrap -n > doc.html

You can also turn on a boostrap page header by passing -h. You will need to pass a title (--title) string and a subtitle (--subtitle) string:

$ node_modules/.bin/markdown2bootstrap -h --title Documentation --subtitle "For users" > doc.html

You should pass --title as an option to give the webpage a proper html title.