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A React component renders an interactive navbar panel of Markdown docs for your blog or website.

Demo on Netlify


Implement some regular functions easily by using this component, such as:

  • Display the structure tree of your article defined by the headings.
  • Render anchors that navigate to specific headings in the article.
  • Share one URL to readers to navigate to a specific area of the article.


yarn add markdown-navbar # or `npm i markdown-navbar --save` 


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import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
// One third-part component for render markdown documentation
import ReactMarkdown from 'react-markdown';
import MarkdownNavbar from 'markdown-navbar';
// The default style of markdown-navbar should be imported additionally
import 'markdown-navbar/dist/navbar.css';
const article = `# Markdown-Navbar Demo
## Chicken Chicken
Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken.
* Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken.
* Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken.
* Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken.
### Chicken Chicken Chicken
Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken.
#### Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken
Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken Chicken.`;
function App() {
  return (
    <div className="App">
      <div className="article">
        <ReactMarkdown source={article} />
      <div className="navigation">
        <MarkdownNavbar source={article} />
ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.getElementById('root'));


  • The component only parses article headings at level 2 and below. The article title, which is usually used once in an article, will not appear in the navigation bar.
  • The component needs to be used in conjunction with your article content. When using this component, you must ensure that your article under the same page content.
  • Please confirm that every heading of your markdown document is different by each other when the value of property declarative is setted as true.


Property Data Type Default Value Description
className string "" The className that defines the outermost container of navbar
source string "" Markdown text content
headingTopOffset number 0 Anchor displacement relative to the top of the window (for the anchor jump)
updateHashAuto boolean true Automatically update the hash value of browser address when page scrolling if true
declarative boolean false Use the text of the title from Markdown content as the hash value for the anchor if true
ordered boolean true Whether the title contains a numerical prefix, such as: 1. 2. 2.2
onNavItemClick function (event, element, hashValue) => {} The event callback function after clicking navbar item
onHashChange function (newHash, oldHash) => {} The event callback function before the hash value of browser address changing


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