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    markdown-it plugin to highlight code blocks using Prism


    const md = require('markdown-it')();
    const prism = require('markdown-it-prism');
    md.use(prism, options);

    The plugin will insert the necessary markup into all code blocks. Include one of Prism’s stylesheets in your HTML to get highlighted code.


    The options object may contain:

    Name Description Default
    plugins Array of Prism Plugins to load. The names to use can be found here. Please note that some prism plugins (notably line-numbers) rely on the DOM being present and can thus not be used with this package (see #1). []
    init A function called after setting up prism. Will receive the prism instance as only argument. Useful for plugins needing further intialisation. () => {}
    defaultLanguageForUnknown The language to use for code blocks that specify a language that Prism does not know. No default will be used if this option is undefined. undefined
    defaultLanguageForUnspecified The language to use for code block that do not specify a language. No default will be used if this option is undefined. undefined
    defaultLanguage Shorthand to set both defaultLanguageForUnknown and defaultLanguageForUnspecified to the same value. undefined

    Usage with Webpack

    If you want to use this plugin together with Webpack, you need to import all languages you intend to use:

    import MarkdownIt from 'markdown-it';
    import prism from 'markdown-it-prism';
    import "prismjs/components/prism-clike"
    import "prismjs/components/prism-java"
    function component() {
      const md = new MarkdownIt();
      const element = document.createElement('div');
      element.innerHTML = md.render(`
    Here is some *code*:
    public class Test {
      public void foo() {}
      return element;

    Beware: Prisms languages have dependencies onto each other. You need to import the languages together with their dependencies in the correct order.


    npm i markdown-it-prism

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