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markdown files to webpage with express


Update Log

  • hotfix error : Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined
  • change markdown module : from showdown to marked
  • added api : add TodoParser. It is parse .todo file from "PlainTask" plugin on Sublime Text
    • added TodoParser
    • added content.less
    • changed document.jade
  • added api : JadeParser. It is parse .jade (with .json) files
    • added JadeParser
    • changed from Parser.parse(source) to Parser.parse(source, [file])
  • fixed bug : remove dependent helper.extensionToContentType
    • removed helper.extensionToContentType
    • changed from Source.addParser(extension, parser) to Source.addParser(extension, contentType, parser)
  • fixed bug : JadeTemplatePublisher
  • update Makefile
  • changed api : title, description setting moved from JadeTemplatePublisher, DataPublisher to MarkdownBinder
    • removed JadeTemplatePublisher.title, description
    • removed DataPublisher.rss.title, description
    • changed from Publisher.publish(req, res, source, error) to Publisher.publish(req, res, source, error, title, description)
    • changed from MarkdownBinder(@source, @publishers) to MarkdownBinder(@source, @publishers, @title, @description)
  • fixed bug : encodeURI rss, sitemap links