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Simple docs for apps with markdown


simple docs for apps with markdown

$ npm install markdocs -g
$ markdocs create

Start the server:

$ node app
$ markdocs create docs -e

Initialize the docs app from your express app:

var express = require('express');
var app = express();
app.get('/', function(req, res){
  res.send('Hello World');
var markdocs = require('markdocs');
var docsapp = markdocs.App('/docs', app);

Markdocs allows you to customize the processors that are used to transform your documents into HTML. By default Markdocs ships with two processors: Javascript and Markdown. However you can choose to replace these with your own processors or add additional processors. Note that the order of processors applied does matter.

var options = {
  basePath: '/docs',
  useDefaultProcessors: false
var docsapp = markdocs.App(options, app);
// Add a custom processor 
docsapp.addDocumentProcessor(function(context, text) {
  // Do your processing 
  text = text.replace('!something', '<span>This is a wierd shortcut.</span>');
  return text;
// Add back the default processors after our first one 

Markdocs supports the consumption of HTML content outside of the main side (for example embedding on a second site or using them in a SPA). You must set the options yourself from your host application as shown.

To return just the article HTML

Use embedded view: response.locals.embedded = true;

You must also provide a doc.embedded.jade template view in your theme. Typically this view looks like the following, but you may want to customize it.

!= sections.content

TO return the article data as JSON/JSONP

You must still provide the embedded view as shown above. In addition you can set the following.

response.locals.json = true or response.locals.jsonp = true.

Finally, in the JSON responses you can optionally include metadata by specifiying: response.locals.include_metadata = true;

The easiest way to use all of these in your app is to add a prerender middleware to your markdocs app as follows.

var embedded = function (req, res, next) {
  res.locals.embedded = false;
  res.locals.include_metadata = false;
  if (req.query.e || req.query.callback) {
    res.locals.embedded = true;
  if (req.query.m) {
    res.locals.include_metadata = true;
  if (req.query.callback) {
    res.locals.jsonp = true;
  } else if (!req.accepts('html') && req.accepts('application/json')) {
    res.locals.json = true;
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