An instant web frontend dev tool


An Instant web frontend dev tool. ( more soon.. )

$ [sudo] npm install markab -g

Start a quick dev server. (with LESS and Mustache template support)

$ markab start

This will start a server serving for current directory. The server will watch for file changes and refresh browsers automatically.

You can also specify the project path and the server port .

$ markab start /path/to/project -p 8080

Initialize a new project

$ markab create test-project 

This is the same to mkdir test-project unless you give options to it.

$ markab create test-project -t basic
$ markab create test-project -l /path/to/your/template

The -t or --template option tells markab to search for markab-template and clones to test-project.

The -l or --local-template option tells makrab to search for your own template and clones to test-project.

$ markab --help

    Usage: markab [options] [command]


        create <project>       create new project
        start [project]        start dev server
        build <project>        build the whole project


        -h, --help                   output usage information
        -V, --version                output the version number
        -p, --port <port>            server port (defaults to 3000)
        -d, --dest <dest>            build destination
        -t, --template <name>        template name
        -l, --local-template <path>  local template path