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This is a fork of

A Browser detector. Because sometimes, there is no other way, and not even good modern browsers always provide good feature detection mechanisms.

So... it works like this:

if (mario.msie && mario.version <= 6) {
  alert('Hello China');

Detected Browsers[Engines]

  • msie
  • safari[webkit]
  • chrome[webkit]
  • firefox[gecko]
  • opera

Detected mobile operating systems

  • android
  • ios (iphone/ipad/ipod)

Android and iOS both report the osversion field, containing the OS version number reported in the UA string. Windows Phone is recognized as mobile, is reported as msie. Other mobile OS'es (e.g. Blackberry, Windows RT/8) may be added later.

All known mobile OS'es, plus any that report as 'Touch' or similar, will report touch as true.


Safari, Chrome, and Firefox will report that they have webkit|gecko engines

if (mario.webkit) {
  // do stuff with safari & chrome