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Download mapbox styles, tiles, glyphs, and sprites for offline use.

npm install -g mapbox-style-downloader


To download, you need to get a MapBox API Token. You can get one by signing up for mapbox and requesting a public key from them. It is free. It should start with pk. This is your token to be used with mapbox-style-downloader.

To find out the coordinates for the bounding box of the area you'll be downloading the boundingbox online tool can be used. Use the CSV Copy & Paste option to display the coordinates in the correct format.

To download, use the download command like so:

mapbox-style download mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v9 \
  --asar \
  --token='MAPBOX_API_TOKEN' \
  -o styledir \
  -z 8 \
  -Z 13 \
  -b '-60.1364 1.5626 -58.0627 3.475'

You need to provide a Mapbox Style URL as the first argument to download. There are many of them, but this is an example: mapbox://styles/mapbox/streets-v9. You can see the full list on the MapBox website.

Be careful!

This has the capability to send MapBox a lot of requests. Try not to get your token throttled! Make sure you pick reasonable bounding boxes and zoom levels, because the data can get very large, very fast.

Serve styles

To serve the styles, you can use a static http server. MapBox isn't that picky on how you serve your tiles. There is a built-in example with this command-line tool. Just give the path to your styledir like so:

mapbox-style serve styledir

And you will be able to see your map, being served offline from the tiles, sprites, and glyphs you just downloaded.


USAGE: mapbox-style <command> [options]

  download STYLE_URL [options]
    -a, --asar          export tile sources as asar archives
    -b, --bounds        bounding box in the form of "lat, lon, lat, lon"
    -o, --output        the output path for the styles
    -z, --minzoom       the minimum zoom for tile downloading [1,16]
    -Z, --maxzoom       the maximum zoom for tile downloading [1,16]
    -t, --token         your MapBox API token
    -u, --minutf        minimum UTF-8 char code to download glyphs for
    -U, --maxutf        maximum UTF-8 char code to download glyphs for
    --style             only download the style.json
    --glyphs            download glyphs
    --tiles             download tiles
    --sprites           download sprites
  By default all resources (style.json, glyphs, tiles and sprites) are downloaded.
  Passing any of the --style, --glyphs, --tiles, --sprites options will result
  in only the resources specified being downloaded. This can be helpful if, for
  example, only the style has changes, but the tile data remains the same, so
  there is no need to download it a second time. Note that the style.json is
  _always_ downloaded, since it is needed to get the URLs for other resources.

    -p, --port          the port to use for the server

    see this help text


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