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Welcome there, stranger.

maojian is (will be, to be exact) an extremely simple to use test framework and runner built on the following principles:

  • Test cases are files, tests are functions (or arrays, more on that later).

  • Assertions are done using the built-in Node.js assert module. The framework also provides additional testing facilities (like spies).

  • Tests can be run in parallel.

  • All tests are executed in isolated sandboxes. The framework allows to easily mock modules required by tests and provides ready-to-use mocks for timers and other core functionality.

  • Testing asynchronous operations must be supported.

  • Testing pure functions without asynchronous operations and state can be done without extra boilerplate code using DSL based on arrays.{
      // ... 
      'utils.duration': [
        ['1d',     86400000 ],
        ['10h',    36000000 ],
        ['7m',     420000   ],
        ['13s',    13000    ],
        ['2d 43s', 172843000],
        // ... 
      // ... 

    (Prior art)

  • The framework must work in Node.js and browsers (using Webpack or any other module bundler that supports CommonJS modules and emulates Node.js globals).

  • There's no need to write own reporters, Karma plugins and all the stuff. The framework should just produce TAP output and it will integrate with tons of existing software out-of-the-box. And since TAP's syntax is quite human-readable by its nature, it will still be possible to use maojian without third-party reporters and it will work and look like a proper test runner, just without colors and pseudographics in its output.

The development has just started. Stay tuned for 0.1.0 if you are interested.