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    Mantra CLI

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    A command line interface for developing Meteor apps using Mantra.


    npm install -g mantra-cli

    See RELEASE NOTE if you are upgrading and wondering what has changed in the latest version.

    Meteor version 1.3 or higher needs to be present in your machine to create and run apps with mantra-cli.


    The available commands are:

    Currently, CLI expects you to be in the app root directory.

    mantra create [path]

    alias: c

    Create a Meteor application using Mantra spec under path.

    It performs the following tasks:

    • Create a Meteor app
    • Prepare a skeleton structure for Mantra and add .eslintrc and .gitignore
    • Add Meteor and NPM dependencies
    • Install NPM dependencies


    • --verbose, -v

    Log the output of the scripts in the console, rather than silencing them.

    • --storybook, -s

    Create storybook files, and save the configuration to the generated mantra_cli.yaml.

    mantra generate [type] [name]

    alias: g

    Generate a file of type and name specified name.


    Possible values are:

    • action
    • component

    By default, a stateless component is generated. By using --use-class option (alias -c), you can generate a ES2015 class extending React.Component.

    mantra g component core:user_list -c

    Mantra-cli can also generate a storybook-file for each component. See the configuration section for more info.

    • container

    Generates a container and its corresponding component.

    • collection

    Use --schema option (alias -s) to specify the schema solution to use for your Mongo collections. Currently, you can specify collection2, and astronomy.

    mantra g collection books -s collection2
    • method
    • publication
    • module

    For action, component, and container, tests will also be generated.


    If the type is one of action, component, or container, the name should follow the format moduleName:entityName. This is because Mantra is modular on the client side, and all files of those types belong to a module.


    mantra generate component core:posts
    mantra generate publication users
    mantra generate method comments

    Automatic update to index.js

    For action, collection, method, and publication, the command automatically inserts import and export statements to the relevant index.js file.

    mantra destroy [type] [name]

    alias: d

    This command removes files.

    Destroys all files that its counterpart mantra generate command would generate. You can provide all types supported by the generate command.


    Mantra-CLI allows you to easily customize its behaviors. Currently, you can customize:

    • tab size
    • templates
    • generateComponentTests (true)
    • generateContainerTests (true)

    You may customize Mantra-CLI by editing mantra_cli.yaml on the root directory of your project. Please open an issue with suggestions for more customization.

    The configuration is designed to be similar to mantrajs-atom-package. The long term goal is to make configuration interchangeable.

    tab size

    • The number of spaces for indentation. Default: 2.
    • Type: number


    tabSize: 4


    • The content of the templates generated by CLI
    • Type: array


      name: 'component'
        text: |
          import React from 'react';
          const <%= componentName %> = ({}) => {
            return (
                <%= componentName %>

    Individual template configurations must have name, and text.


    • Type of the template
    • Possible values: action, container, component, collection, method, publication


    • The content of the template to be generated by the CLI.

    Internally, this template will be evaluated by lodash's template function to dynamically insert variables. You need to pass variable names surrounded by <%= and %>.

    If you pass insufficient variable names, the CLI will throw you an error.

    Variables needed for each templates are:


    • componentName


    • componentName
    • componentFileName


    • collectionName
    • methodFileName


    • publicationFileName
    • collectionName



    Generate stories for Kadira Storybooks with generation of a new component.

    storybook: true

    Upgrade Guide

    Upgrading to 0.4.x

    • From 0.4.0, mantra-cli.yml was added. If you are upgrading from 0.3.x, simply create mantra-cli.yml file in your project root and start customizing following the documentation above.

    Contributor Guide

    • Clone this repository and run npm install.
    • Write your code under /lib.
    • npm run-script compile compiles your ES2015 code in /lib into /dist.
    • npm test compiles the code and runs the tests.




    npm i mantra-cli

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