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Mantis.js is probably the simplest and lightest weight JavaScript library for modern browsers. It has the most essential and useful features like DOM traversal and manipulation, event handling, Ajax, and more with a similar API to jQuery and Zepto.js.


Include Mantis.js with a script tag near the end of your page:

<script src="mantis.min.js"></script>

A CDN will be available soon.

API Methods

List of all the methods currently working

  • Mantis()
  • Mantis.extend()
  • Mantis.noConflict()
  • Mantis.type()
  • Mantis.fn
  • Mantis.fn.addClass()
  • Mantis.fn.after()
  • Mantis.fn.append()
  • Mantis.fn.attr()
  • Mantis.fn.before()
  • Mantis.fn.css()
  • Mantis.fn.each()
  • Mantis.fn.extend()
  • Mantis.fn.hasAttr()
  • Mantis.fn.hasClass()
  • Mantis.fn.html()
  • Mantis.fn.prepend()
  • Mantis.fn.removeAttr()
  • Mantis.fn.removeClass()
  • Mantis.fn.toggleClass()

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox IE Safari
Latest ✔ Latest ✔ 9+ ✔ 6.1+ ✔


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MIT License