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Mantine DataTable

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A "dark-theme aware" table component for your Mantine UI data-rich applications, featuring asynchronous data loading support, pagination, multiple rows selection, column sorting, custom cell data rendering, row context menu, row expansion, and more.

Mantine DataTable

Full documentation and examples

Visit to view the full documentation and learn how to use it by browsing a comprehensive list of examples.


Install the package and its dependencies:

npm i @mantine/core @mantine/hooks @emotion/react mantine-datatable

Use it in your code:

import { Text } from '@mantine/core';
import { DataTable } from 'mantine-datatable';

export default function GettingStartedExample() {
  return (
      // provide data
        { id: 1, name: 'Joe Biden', bornIn: 1942, party: 'Democratic' },
        // more records...
      // define columns
          accessor: 'id',
          // this column has a custom title
          title: '#',
          // right-align column
          textAlignment: 'right',
        { accessor: 'name' },
          accessor: 'party',
          // this column has custom cell data rendering
          render: ({ party }) => (
            <Text weight={700} color={party === 'Democratic' ? 'blue' : 'red'}>
              {party.slice(0, 3).toUpperCase()}
        { accessor: 'bornIn' },
      // execute this callback when a row is clicked
      onRowClick={({ name, party, bornIn }) =>
        alert(`You clicked on ${name}, a ${party.toLowerCase()} president born in ${bornIn}.`)

Have a look at the available component properties and make sure to browse the comprehensive list of usage examples.

Other useful resources

Mantine DataTable had the context-menu functionality baked in since its early days. If you're looking to use a context menu in other parts of your application, you might want to check out Mantine Context Menu.

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If you find this package useful, please consider ❤️ sponsoring my work. Your sponsorship will help me dedicate more time to maintaining the project and will encourage me to add new features and fix existing bugs. If you're a company using Mantine DataTable in a commercial project, you can also hire my services.

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Hiring the author

If you want to hire my services, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at the email address listed in my GitHub profile. I’m currently getting a constant flow of approaches, some of them relevant, others not so relevant. Mentioning “Mantine DataTable” in your text would help me prioritize your message.


🙏 Special thanks to Ani Ravi for being the first person to sponsor my work on this project!


The MIT License.


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