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Mantine DataTable

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The lightweight, dependency-free, dark-theme aware table component for your Mantine UI data-rich applications, featuring asynchronous data loading support, pagination, intuitive Gmail-style additive batch rows selection, column sorting, custom cell data rendering, row expansion, nesting, context menus, and much more.

Mantine DataTable

⚠️ Mantine DataTable V7 is compatible with Mantine V7.
💡 If you're looking for the old version that works with Mantine V6, head over to Mantine DataTable V6.


Trusted by the community

Emil Sorensen @

Mantine DataTable is a great component that’s core to our web app - it saves us a ton of time and comes with great styling and features out of the box

Giovambattista Fazioli @ Namecheap (@gfazioli is also a valuable Mantine DataTable contributor):

Thank you for the wonderful, useful, and beautiful DataTable that has allowed me to create several applications without any problem 👏

Mantine DataTable is used by developers and companies around the world, such as: SegmentX, Namecheap, EasyWP, Aquarino, Dera,,, teachfloor, MARKUP, BookieBase, zipline, Pachtop, Ganymede, COH3 Stats, Culver City Rental Registry and many more.

If you're using Mantine DataTable in your project, please drop me a line at the email address listed in my GitHub profile and I'll be happy to add it to the list and on the documentation website.

Full documentation and examples

Visit to view the full documentation and learn how to use it by browsing a comprehensive list of examples.


Create a new application with Mantine, make sure to have the clsx peer dependency installed, then install the package with npm i mantine-datatable or yarn add mantine-datatable.

Import the necessary CSS files:

import '@mantine/core/styles.layer.css';
import 'mantine-datatable/styles.layer.css';
import './layout.css';

Make sure to apply the styles in the correct order:

/* layout.css */
/* 👇 Apply Mantine core styles first, DataTable styles second */
@layer mantine, mantine-datatable;

Use the component in your code:

'use client';

import { Box } from '@mantine/core';
import { showNotification } from '@mantine/notifications';
import { DataTable } from 'mantine-datatable';

export function GettingStartedExample() {
  return (
      // 👇 provide data
        { id: 1, name: 'Joe Biden', bornIn: 1942, party: 'Democratic' },
        // more records...
      // 👇 define columns
          accessor: 'id',
          // 👇 this column has a custom title
          title: '#',
          // 👇 right-align column
          textAlign: 'right',
        { accessor: 'name' },
          accessor: 'party',
          // 👇 this column has custom cell data rendering
          render: ({ party }) => (
            <Box fw={700} c={party === 'Democratic' ? 'blue' : 'red'}>
              {party.slice(0, 3).toUpperCase()}
        { accessor: 'bornIn' },
      // 👇 execute this callback when a row is clicked
      onRowClick={({ record: { name, party, bornIn } }) =>
          title: `Clicked on ${name}`,
          message: `You clicked on ${name}, a ${party.toLowerCase()} president born in ${bornIn}`,
          withBorder: true,

Make sure to browse the comprehensive list of usage examples to learn how to unleash the full power of Mantine DataTable.

Other useful resources

Mantine DataTable works perfectly with Mantine Context Menu, a library built by the same author that enables you to enhance your UIs with desktop-grade, lightweight yet fully-featured context menus that respect the Mantine color scheme out of the box:

Mantine ContextMenu


See the contributing guide in the documentation website or the repo file for details.

Here's the list of people who have already contributed to Mantine DataTable:

Contributors list

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Hiring the author

If you want to hire my services, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at the email address listed in my GitHub profile. I’m currently getting a constant flow of approaches, some of them relevant, others not so relevant. Mentioning “Mantine DataTable” in your text would help me prioritize your message.


🙏 Special thanks to Ani Ravi for being the first person to sponsor my work on this project! 💕 Additional thanks to all sponsors!


The MIT License.

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